Summer Reading List

If you need any summer reading….here are a few of my favourites from the previous weeks.

Dave Ulrich and Arthur Yeung teach us how to build market orientated systems to really improve the way we do business.

Harvard Business Review published a great pocket book on “empathy”: my number one skills for remote leaders right now.

Kai-Fu Lee inspires through his story of how we can move towards using AI in business the right way and how we focus on being human.

Edie Goldberg and Kelley Steven-Waiss reminded me that we have a talent abundance within our company, and it’s about how we use it best. Talent supply chain!

Andrew J Scott and Lynda Gratton keep putting out great research, and hot off the press their new book talks about adult education and living longer.

Whilst, rockstars Joost Minnaar and Pim de Morree provide a whirlwind tour of company culture.

Laszlo Bock (old but gold, book) gives us a peek into Google and shows why his new company Humu is blazing a trail.

And then, Peter Thiel and Blake Masters give insight into startups and Bob Iger gave us insight into the fascinating culture at The Walt Disney Company


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