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Creative space

We often battle about where innovation happens. Some say it happens at home because you have peace and quiet and can think. Some say, come

Productivity Rates

I see, on a near weekly basis, new research which shows that productivity is falling – or at best staying flat – in developed countries.

A football fairy-tale 👒

Once upon a time, in the world of football 🥅 , a mesmerizing fairy-tale was unfolding 🔮 . Are you ready for the greatest underdog

Inclusion creates diversity

We often think that diversity within our companies is a problem to be solved. We throw money at “the problem” and ensure everyone has sufficient

Firms of Endearment

I recently read a book from 2014 called Firms of Endearment. It struck a chord because it showed, with research, that firms who were focussed

Choice and control

Thinking about culture, and specifically remote work we can see in the data that remote workers and more or less engaged the same as office

Create culture, not rules

Your policies give off cultural signals of course. And you will need a few of these from time to time of course. But, it’s much

Do you want to be a manager?

Most companies, as they promote people, “reward” those individuals with people management responsibility. It really is quite rare to find companies who don’t accompany a