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Corporate Culture & Innovation Expert

Dan's Story

Daniel Strode is a best selling author on the topic of corporate culture and innovation. In his first book “The Culture Advantage” he explores what it takes to build cultures of innovation, irrespective of company size or industry, in order to sustain or enhance business success.

Daniel has many years of practical hands-on experience being a culture practitioner and has delivered training and consulting worldwide, in addition to teaching the topic of culture and innovation in Universities.

What I Do

I am a culture and innovation enthusiast and my sole aim is to help companies of any size or scale improve their culture and innovation efforts in order to be more successful and sustainable. 

Coming Soon: Free Online Training

Click below to download a FREE online training – teaching you how to implement a “growth mindset” in your company through building psychological safety in abundance, so that your innovation efforts can succeed.

I Write.

I love to write and have recently published my first book, The Culture Advantage. Additionally I write thought leadership pieces for many major publications on an ongoing basis. 

I Teach.

My real passion is to share knowledge and I teach a range of students and in companies on how to boost their culture and innovation efforts. 


Latest Blogs

Don’t under estimate policy

Whilst policy cannot ever change your companies culture alone, it does set an important North Star and gives a strong signal to the company. Of course, much more important are actions – “which speak louder than words” – but don’t underestimate detailing the culture you want in a very clear...

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Minimum Loveable Products

MLPs are much better than MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) when it comes to innovation and testing new things I think. A MLP is shipping something that a user or customer would love. Rather than just another feature (as is the case with a MVP) you have to carefully choose that...

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Talent planning

If you want to transform your company you can ask one simple question: Is your talent plan as detailed as your transformation plan? If the answer is yes, then perfect. If it’s no, then you need to start working on it immediately.

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Building future capability

As you embark on your innovation efforts it is likely you have some targets for the next two or three years. But be mindful that you are building enterprise capability for the future as well, the more you focus on innovation now the more it will payoff in the longer...

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