Corporate Culture Training

Daniel trains on:

Culture as the foundation for innovation:

  • In this course (12 hours +), participants gain a solid understanding of why corporate culture is the number one enabler for building innovative companies. Participants will, by the end of the course, know how to implement a corporate culture / implement culture change. Moreover, participants produce their own roadmap for culture change / implementation in a company.
  • The course draws upon various aspects of Human Resources, including (but not limited to): Human Resource Strategy Planning, Leadership, Remote Teams, Health & Wellbeing, and, Performance Management.

Listening, Leading & Looking in a Digital Era:

  • In this intervention (of 3 hours +), we focus on what is culture and why it is important, before understanding the role of HR in the new era and the importance of digital transformation, specifically how HR can promote that change.
  • We look at case studies and understand how the best HR functions are using “continuous listening” strategies to improve their organisation. After this, we will look at the HR Digital Landscape and learn how to assess, test, and implement “digital tools” within HR to best effect. Before closing with a look at leadership and understanding what type of leadership is important for a digital culture to thrive and what you can do to ensure that it thrives across your teams.

Feedback Masterclass:

  • With a one or two-hour intervention, participants grasp the importance and theory behind “growth mindsets” and learn how to learn from mistakes, build psychological safety in organisations, and, give and receive great feedback.

If you would like to arrange this training for yourself or your team, or are considering something more bespoke, please, get in touch.