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The Culture Advantage: Empowering your People to Drive Innovation

Innovation is the key to making your business go the distance. Innovate or die they say. But where does innovation lie? The answer is in your people.

Far from being the privilege of the unicorns of Silicon Valley, innovation isn’t dependent on business model, structure or even budget. By harnessing your people’s power through a corporate culture of innovation, you unlock business opportunities that your competition won’t have access to. The Culture Advantage is a blueprint to designing, implementing and sustaining a culture that will not only celebrate innovation, but will imbue it in everything your company, and its people, do.

Culture evangelist, Daniel Strode, with the help of some of the world’s historically most inspiring and innovative businesses like The Walt Disney Company and The LEGO Group, as well as newer companies like Art Blocks from the Web 3.0 and blockchain space, breaks down the innovation puzzle. Through evaluating your business model; daring to chip away at it; empowering your people through technologies; psychological safety and leadership; putting constraints onto their creative efforts; and hiring and collaborating with the right types of innovators, you’ll discover how to enhance your adaptability and futureproof your business.

The Critics Are In

“Innovation is one of the most elusive things to achieve in a company and, in a vast majority of cases, it is not the result of technology or research: it is a matter of developing the right culture…. This book, with a great mix of analysis, theory and cases, is definitely a nice way to get our minds around it.”

Enrique Dans, Professor of Innovation, IE University

“A must have for start-ups, entrepreneurs, business leaders and change agents. Read linearly, use as a toolbox or dip in and out.” 

Marcus Watson, CEO, Investor at Ground Control

“Weaves together facts, stories, thoughtful reflections and up-to-date information that helps us rethink how we can add value by challenging and improving cultural norms.”

Michael G. Jacobides, Professor and Sir Donald Gordon Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, London Business School

“There are moments in history when everything comes together and evolution takes a giant leap forward. The Culture Advantage will change the way you think about culture and provide you with a ton of insights and ingredients to build an exciting culture that is future proof.”

Wim Focquet, Head of People and Culture, Gala Games

“This is a book for doers looking for an advantage in today’s messy, ever-changing, exciting world.”

Steven MacGregor, author, ‘The Daily Reset’ and Professor of Health & Wellbeing, Glasgow School of Art

“In this book, Daniel makes several important points on how to create a culture through which we can thrive and flourish at work, making our organizations hubs of innovation and creativity.”

Marcello Russo, Associate Professor of Organization, University of Bologna and Director of the Global MBA, Bologna Business School

“An excellent read and highly recommended for all entrepreneurs & C-suite management.”

Nabil Hadi, Co-Founder, Digital Nomad Labs

“Culture is everything. It is the bedrock of how every great feat is achieved. This book shares real-life, inspiring stories and brings you the questions that will help you reflect and create action for a successful future.”  

Nick Humphries, Founder & CEO, Train Effective

“A must-read book for business leaders who want to better understand the speed of change or the need to speedily change, to lead a successful organization.”

John Gazal, Former Head of Strategic Programme Management, Strategy & CEO Office at Santander UK

“Corporate culture is one of the most important yet confusing topics in business. The Culture Advantage is filled with examples and real-world advice on what culture means and how to harness it for real business value.”

Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst