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Las Vegas Grand Prix

I’ve seen a lot of criticism towards Liberty Media, the owners of Formula 1. They are being criticised for not having a cool down room,

Quote of the Day

Ted Lasso “If you’re comfortable, you’re doing it wrong”

Character Skills

Technology is catching us up, even overtaking us, when it comes to cognitive skills (technical learnings). But where it is far behind is in character


If you judge your potential based upon your earliest failures, you have given up too early. Give yourself, and others, time.

The Great Recalibration

I was thinking, all this talk about The Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting perhaps is missing the point. People are quick to criticise and blame

Greatness is made, not born

We all love stories about child prodigies – but the truth is, you can build and develop greatness. It’s about having the right environment to

Talent is evenly distributed

Whilst talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not. The colour of your skin, or your gender really doesn’t discriminate when it comes to talent. The

Odd socks day

I loved the “odd socks day” this month, which was actually held around the world on the 13th November. Essentially you get to wear odd