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When you experiment

Ignore the external noise, stay focused, and continue to build. Keep going!

Amazon’s success

As Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once said, “Our success at Amazon is a function of the number of experiments we run per year, per month,

Forced labour

Business which force employees to deliver according to the whims of leadership are bound to fail. The better idea is to have employees add value

A piano top in the ocean

It’s true that a floating piano top in the ocean is great when your boat has capsized and you’re about to drown. You can grab

Write down your personal values

And then share them with your team. It’s a great exercise to do, you get to know yourself and one another better. And then put

Employees have to come first

When your employees come first, and are well treated (in the broadest sense: remuneration, development, purpose…) they then serve customers in the best way possible.

Education, Government & Healthcare

Why are these three industries ranked so highly when it comes to employee engagement? It’s likely not the money on offer, but rather the fact

Ignite your human spark

Send a message right now to one of your closest friends asking them why they are friends with you. They probably will reply with something