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Kindness isn’t a weakness

It’s a superpower. We need leaders who show kindness when the going gets tough. Make sure your teams are not scared of you and they


Care ABOUT people, not FOR them. A small, subtle, important difference. Do you run around doing jobs for people to show them you care, or,


Maybe only 10% of jobs disappear in the coming years, but 100% will change. Keep learning!

Leaders create environments.

When your garden doesn’t yield the results you want, you don’t tend to throw away the trees and plants. You tend to enhance the soil,

Trust in a hybrid environment

If leaders are able to hold doubt and not jump to conclusions, the hybrid workplace has a chance of working. If leaders can’t manage high


I saw a cartoon this week that made me laugh, and then think. It’s true “meetings are great if you want to avoid doing work”

Quiet Quitting

Even more important is having a great culture so that you not only retain your people, but that you are attractive to new hires too.

Change your mind

The best leaders change their mind, and change their mind often. They take ideas from everywhere and everyone – no shame in changing course.