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A talent production metric

Thinking back on yesterdays blog we could measure how many people are promoted or moved to another role within 24 months of joining a new

How do you evaluate your managers?

Please, write to me and let me know. I want to understand if companies are evaluating managers (that is to say those with people leadership

The words we use

The words we use to describe our culture or the routines and rituals within it are so important. Just consider one example: “feedback” or “insight”.

When a boss becomes a coach

“The most important part of a high-performing culture is people helping each other.” This is a quote from Edgar Schein and I couldn’t agree more.

Performance Management Goals

Setting goals can be tricky when it comes to performance management and in fact, on occasion – depending on your culture – it may even

100% against zero defects

Many companies have long flown flags saying “100% for zero defects” in their manufacturing workshops or offices. This seems completely illogical to me. Having people

Challenge all assumptions

John Boyd was an American military strategist who helped to design a number of new Air Force planes during his career. Often he faced huge