Rising Tide Car Wash: Where Washing Cars Transforms Lives

In the bustling world of car washes, it’s easy to envision an assembly line of machines and anonymous employees. The primary focus tends to be speed and cost, but Rising Tide Car Wash, led by Thomas D’Eri, is rewriting this script. Their remarkable journey, chronicled in D’Eri’s book “The Power of Potential,” unveils a different narrative – one driven by purpose and a commitment to making a difference.

Rising Tide Car Wash isn’t just in the business of washing cars; it’s in the business of transforming lives. At its heart, this enterprise is a haven for individuals with autism, offering them meaningful employment and creating a culture of safety and belonging for all workers.

It all began as a way for D’Eri’s brother, Andrew, to find a job where he could thrive. However, it evolved into a mission that has impacted thousands of lives. The core of their success rests on four principles: a feeling of safety, a culture of accountability, a clear sense of purpose, and unwavering customer love.

Rising Tide invests significant time and energy in training, customer service, and the well-being of its employees. The result? A customer retention rate five times higher than the industry average, thriving business, and a profound impact on both employees and customers.

In a world where many businesses race to the bottom by focusing solely on the transaction, Rising Tide Car Wash stands as a beacon of significance. It reminds us that true success isn’t just about optimizing mechanics but choosing to make a difference. For Rising Tide, it’s not just about washing cars; it’s about washing away barriers and creating a brighter future for all.

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