The Sneaky Impact of Parkinson’s Law on Tech Companies

Ever wondered why tech companies have so many employees? It’s not just about sales and support teams. Enter Parkinson’s Law.

Parkinson’s Law is like fuel for bureaucracy, making companies less efficient and innovative. It’s about work expanding to fill the time, budget, and people allocated to it.

Imagine having a week to finish a report that should only take five focused hours. But with extra time, distractions creep in, breaks get longer, and unnecessary details pile up.

Now picture this across companies like Twitter. Departments use up their budget and time, even if they could be more efficient. More steps, more paperwork, slower processes. Budget padding mentality is real.

As companies grow, unnecessary managers are added, creating more bureaucracy and slowing decisions.

The bigger the team, budget, and timeline, the less gets done.

Awareness of Parkinson’s Law is vital. Let’s break free from bureaucracy and find smarter ways to work.

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