Asynchronous work

There is an important difference between asynchronous work and synchronous work.

Asynchronous work is where you collaborate with others without the need to be in the same place at the same time. It is absolutely not dependent on real-time collaboration and constant, never-ending communication.

Synchronous work on the other hand is where everyone is working on the same thing, at the same time: like a meeting where everyone is together at the same time, discussing the same thing.

If you can focus more on your efforts for asynchronous work you will find a range of benefits. Not limited to: extra productivity, less micro management, and more agility.

To make it work (and that’s even more important in hybrid work environments) you need to give your teams a large dose of trust (people work when and how they want), focus on results (not inputs), be transparent (information must be shared for this to work) and reward great documentation (so people are updated).

Good luck!

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