Leaders need certainty and positivity.

Having a sense of self-assurance and self-esteem helps when being a leader, as you are likely to face many challenges, setbacks and face many tough days. Of course, I don’t mean have blind faith, but a positive attitude and confidence in your work is critical. Innovation, and trying new things, is difficult. Whilst innovating you face more setbacks than successes, you need to stay positive as it’s easy to become disappointed when faced with setback after setback. If your people fall into disappointment and disillusionment then they will be far more likely to give up in their innovation efforts. 

Walt Disney is a wonderful example of a leader who had certainty and always maintained a positive outlook, despite hardships and troubles. It has widely been reported that Walt Disney, of Disney fame, was turned down three hundred and two times by banks and investment houses as he sought to get funding approved to build a Disney World theme park. On the three hundred and third time he was successful and now, as you know, Disney World’s around the world as phenomenally successful. His employees who were working with him on the project remained fully supportive of his endeavours to seek funding, despite the rejections, as they say a man who was certain of his dreams – and in the end, the dreams came true (Forbes, 2019)[i].

[i] Asquith, J (2019) Did you know Walt Disney was rejected 300 times for Mickey Mouse and his theme park, Forbes, 29th December. Available from: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesasquith/2020/12/29/did-you-know-walt-disney-was-rejected-300-times-for-mickey-mouse-and-his-theme-park/ [Last accessed: 13th November 2021]

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