Nando Parrado

It’s been a pleasure to hear from, and speak with, Nando Parrado some time ago. You may very well know his story from the film “Alive”.

Nando is an inspiration – and shared his story of a catastrophic plane crash, which he not only survived, but subsequently thrived from.

The plane he was travelling in crashed into the Andes, in the middle of the winter, 40,000 feet up a mountain. And for nearly three months he battled against no food or water, temperatures of minus 30 degrees, a fatal avalanche, as well as the loss of his mother, sister, and many friends as a result of the crash.

He has passed on many nuggets of wisdom around leadership and life. My key takeaways from the conversation were:

– The value of leadership is second to none
– Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow
– Live in the present, the past has gone, and the future hasn’t arrived
– Life will always go on
– Don’t lose your connections with people
– Truly, anything is possible

In summary: life is not measured by the breaths you take, but rather the extraordinary moments which take your breath away.

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